Green Ivy consults with schools both in the United States and abroad about how to effectively incorporate organization, time-management, and overall wellness into the classroom and school community. We work directly with schools who have 1:1 iPad or BYOD classroom technology programs to address the benefits and opportunities of adapting different technologies from a student development and learning perspective.
This streamlined system benefits administrators, teachers, students and parents, and our consultations have benefited tens of thousands of administrators, teachers, students and parents throughout the world.

Green Ivy in the Schools consists of several key components – Faculty In-Service Presentations, Student Presentations and Parent Education Nights. We also work with a select number of schools on a Full School Year Consult program, which incorporates presentations as well as individualized consulting services throughout the year to add. Schools can elect to bring us in for one of more of the consulting options, or have us perform a full school consult which includes all three presentations as well as on-going support and consulting with administrators and school counselors.

Green Ivy in the Schools options include:

Full School Year Consult. Our most comprehensive option is a way for schools to get thorough guidance and coaching around changing the classroom and school culture to promote organization, time-management, wellness and personal responsibility. We consult on timely topics including social media, classroom technology, stress reduction, community-building and intrinsic motivation.

Faculty In-Service Presentations. Our Faculty In-Service presentations are interactive opportunities for faculty to collaborate and come up with solutions to help their students develop better organization and time-management skills. Faculty members leave the presentation with practical tools that they can almost immediately implement in their classroom and in their own lives.

Student Presentations (for grades 6-12 and university students). The student presentation is encourages students to use organization and time-management strategies to find their own personal pathway to academic and personal success. Our fun and interactive student presentations use a combination of humor and real-life success stories. We work with the schools to tailor a presentation that fits their students’ needs. When combined with the Faculty In-Service, teachers can use the student presentation as a jumping off point to introduce the strategies in the classroom. A short Q & A follows each student presentation.

Parent Education Opportunities. Our Parent Education Presentations help parents understand what is different for today's pre-teens and teenagers, and what parents can do to help children find success both in and out of the classroom. We tailor the talk to cover specific topics that are of interest to the parent audience, and also offer practical and accessible advice on what parents can do at home to encourage and motivate their children.

Sample Speaking Topics:

  • Why Students Struggle With Organization and Time Management and What Parents Can do to Help
  • Understanding Teenage Disorganization: Finding Solutions and Creating Opportunities for Success
  • Student Presentation: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams
  • How to Create the College Experience of your Dreams: Using Organization and Time Management Techniques to Decrease Stress and Increase Opportunity
  • Faculty Presentation: Promoting Motivation, Organization and Time Management in the Classroom

To find out more information and schedule a presentation or full school consult, please contact us at or 650.472.0617.