College Counseling

Waitlisted: How to Approach First-Choice Letters

So, you’ve been waitlisted at your dream college or university.  Over the last twenty years at Green Ivy, we’ve seen that there’s still a chance that they will accept you off the waitlist.  In fact, depending on the school, you might even be able to tilt the odds in your favor by writing a first-choice … Read more

How to Approach Letters of Appeal for CSUs and UCs

In the event that you are denied admission to a Cal State University (CSU) or University of California (UC), don’t panic! You can try to persuade the admissions office to reconsider your application by writing a letter of appeal. Each of the UC and CSU campuses offer their own appeals process. You can find exact … Read more

Branching Out: Summer 2021 Services at Green Ivy for High School Students

For many students and families, Summer 2021 offers a sense of renewed hope.  As high school students look for opportunity in a rapidly changing world, we know how it is increasingly important for teens to find outlets for building knowledge, supportive relationships, and self-reflection skills.  At Green Ivy, we’ve developed an expansive list of summer … Read more

Supporting Students for a Brighter 2021

This article was written by Green Ivy founder Ana Homayoun, and was posted originally on Greetings! Hope you are inside and warm wherever you are on this snowy and rainy week! For those who were able to join last week for my community talk about Supporting Students for a Brighter 2021, I appreciate the … Read more

Looking Forward: Green Ivy Summer Services

Summer is right around the corner! Warmer weather signals that the season of rest and outdoor recreation is (hopefully!) almost here. In our Green Ivy office, we know this school year has been challenging, especially as schools shifted toward remote learning and as we’ve been sheltering in place for the past few months. Now more … Read more

Tips for Admission to the University of California System

The University of California system has mostly seen an increase in admissions, especially for California residents since 2017. Nevertheless, admissions are still highly competitive, and gaining admission requires a lot of research and time spent on the application. After attending the UC Counselor Conference a few weeks ago, Green Ivy wanted to provide some insight … Read more