Social Media Wellness

Staying Social in Isolation

Let’s face it: the COVID-19 crisis has utterly transformed daily life for all of us. Health professionals and policymakers have introduced the term “social distancing” to highlight the importance of maintaining safe distance from one another to help “flatten the curve,” or slow down the spread of the virus.  Some argue that the term “social … Read more

Why We Should Rethink TikTok

This post is shared from, and based on the work Green Ivy Educational Consulting founder Ana Homayoun does speaking and consulting in schools today.  Last week, I was visiting a wonderful school and speaking with high school students about their love of TikTok, the short-form video app that has taken over the phones of millions … Read more

Advising 101: How Building a Positive Online Presence Can Impact College Admissions

Recent studies show that between 35 and 50 percent of admissions officers are viewing students’ social media profiles. This doesn’t mean they are looking for anything embarrassing or inappropriate, but it does mean they are using it as one way of gathering more information about applicants. When we talk about a student’s online presence, much … Read more