Advising 101: Summer Programs—Best Practices and Green Ivy Recommendations

  Since part of our college counseling program at Green Ivy includes helping students choose the right fit for summer activities, we wanted to share our best practices for choosing and applying to summer college programs.  Remember: look at these programs as a way to expand or enrich a personal interest, and as one option for your summer. … Read more

Academic Advising 101: How to Make the Most of a Campus Visit

One of the most effective ways for students to get a first-hand feel for college campuses and narrow their perspective college lists is to spend time planning a variety of campus visits. This is also a key way students can show “demonstrated interest” in a college, an aspect that is considered in admissions, especially at smaller or lesser … Read more

9 Ways to Help Teens Manage Their Social Media Footprint

 As Green Ivy founder, Ana Homayoun, writes about at length in her new book, Social Media Wellness, the online lives and “real” lives of tweens and teens are much more connected than many of them believe or realize. As a result, parents are often concerned about what their children are posting online, not to mention where they are posting it and who can … Read more

How to Help Kids Disrupt ‘Bro Culture’

When we consider the overall wellness of students, looking at the cultural messages they receive is a critical place to start. Given recent events in the news, including several women in tech industry who have come forward to report instances of harassment, the underbelly of what has been labeled “bro culture” has been exposed. Over the past few … Read more

How to Help Your Children Balance Their Online and IRL Lives

Given the pervasiveness of technology and social media in nearly all of our lives, the topic of how best to help students regulate and balance their online and IRL lives comes up frequently at our Green Ivy offices. While we’ve looked at a variety of parental monitoring apps (along with their pros and cons) we also wanted … Read more