How to Help Your Children Balance Their Online and IRL Lives

Given the pervasiveness of technology and social media in nearly all of our lives, the topic of how best to help students regulate and balance their online and IRL lives comes up frequently at our Green Ivy offices. While we’ve looked at a variety of parental monitoring apps (along with their pros and cons) we also wanted … Read more

The Importance of Teens and Tweens Having Physically Active Lives

When we meet with students at Green Ivy, we coach them about more than just academics. We also have them reflect on their overall lifestyle habits, from stress management and nutrition to sleep and functional exercise. It’s recommended that teens get at least one hour of physical exercise a day, but recent studies have shown … Read more

The Impact of Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation on Children, Tweens and Teens

Much of our work at Green Ivy revolves around helping students build their overall executive functioning skills, which in part, involves teaching simple strategies for time management and organization. We also take a holistic approach to student wellness, and encourage students to reflect on their overall well-being, which includes stress management, nutrition and sleep. In terms of … Read more

Managing College Applications

Now that the admissions season is in full swing here at Green Ivy, we thought it might be helpful to share some suggestions and strategies on managing what can easily become an overwhelming process. While most of what we offer here is aimed at students, there are some tips that parents might find helpful as … Read more

Edtech and Student Organization: It’s Complicated

Many people assume today’s students are highly organized, given all the technological apps and gadgets at their disposal to help file, store and share documents. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. After Green Ivy founder Ana Homayoun wrote her first book, That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week, she quickIy realized the increase in one-to-one iPad and computer programs … Read more

The Social Media Effect on Teen Body Image: Unrealistic, Photo-Shopped Ideals

It can be hard being a teenager. There are so many spoken and unspoken expectations, realizations, and rationalizations they have to deal with on a daily basis, and adults often don’t fully appreciate the complexities of today’s teenage world. Teenagers have always struggled with the need to fit in with their peers, and sometimes this … Read more