Healthy Sleep in the Age of Blue Light

The 21st century continues to yield almost unimaginable strides forward in the realms of productivity and technological advancement, but rapid change comes with a price for most working people: exhaustion. Yawns grace the faces of passersby in all sorts of everyday places. In most cafes and offices, and on most school campuses, sleep deprivation weighs … Read more

Wellness 101: Cultivating Gratitude in Your Children’s Daily Lives

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” —Melody Beattie For many of us, this time of year offers an opportunity to give thanks and express gratitude for the people and things we appreciate and value in our lives. Taking stock and being grateful during the holidays is a good place to start, but studies have shown … Read more

Wellness 101: Healthy Ways of Helping Your Teen Deal with Stress

Each year, the topic of teenage stress garners increasing amounts of attention. In fact, a simple Google search for “teens and stress” yields an abundance of articles with key phrases along the lines of “severe anxiety” and “growing epidemic.” The attention is not unwarranted; in 2014, the American Psychological Association conducted a survey that revealed … Read more

Wellness 101: Helping Your Child Build Intrinsic Motivation

We have all struggled with motivation at some point in our lives—from accessing it to maintaining its momentum over time. As a result, one of the most challenging aspects of being a parent is knowing how to constructively motivate your child, academically or otherwise. Many parents use external motivation to get the desired results, whether negative … Read more

Wellness 101: Establishing Good “Sleep Hygiene”

When we ask students at Green Ivy what they’d like more time for in their daily routines, their number one answer is more sleep. Many students are accustomed to a sleep-deprived existence and will quickly point out that the bulk of their friends are getting even less sleep than they are. This situation has become … Read more

How to Help Kids Disrupt ‘Bro Culture’

When we consider the overall wellness of students, looking at the cultural messages they receive is a critical place to start. Given recent events in the news, including several women in tech industry who have come forward to report instances of harassment, the underbelly of what has been labeled “bro culture” has been exposed. Over the past few … Read more