Looking Forward: Green Ivy Summer Services

Summer is right around the corner! Warmer weather signals that the season of rest and recreation is almost here, bringing with it a much-needed break from nightly homework and after-school activities.

In our Green Ivy offices, we know that many students benefit from using summer as a time to get ahead, especially if the school year is busy with activities, commuting, and a generally packed schedule. For many students, the summer months are a great time to reflect, set goals, learn new skills, and plan for the upcoming school year in a proactive way that decreases stress and maximizes wellness. At Green Ivy, our diverse summer offerings benefit students of all ages and academic interests, and sign-ups are starting now.

As a reminder, we are on our summer schedule June 5 – August 14, 2020. All sessions can be done in our office or via Zoom, so even students who are traveling are able to stay on track!

Test Prep

Many high school sophomores and juniors benefit from concentrating on test prep during the summer, and taking the SAT in August or the ACT in September. Younger students taking placement tests for middle school and high school entrance can similarly benefit by doing the bulk of test prep in the summer, and refreshing right before fall test dates.

For ACT/SAT test prep, students take a standardized diagnostic exam to determine which test (the SAT or ACT) seems better suited to the student’s strengths. The exam comes with a nine-page follow-up report highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement, and we customize each student’s test prep plan based on their individualized needs. The result? Our students have made monumental gains in test scores.

Looking for help with the ISEE/SSAT/HSPT exams? We also have customized programs for our younger students, and use the summer months to focus on developing the underlying reading and math skills that are critical for improving test success and reducing test anxiety.

Writing Workshops

Effective written communication is a vital skill, and in our always-online digital world of texts and abbreviated messages, the art of masterful writing can easily get lost in translation. We customize our writing workshops based on students’ writing questionnaires and samples, and can also use summer reading assignments or books on topics of interest to make the work more engaging. Our writing coaching program allows students to work one-on-one with an educational consultant on narrative, persuasive writing, literary analysis, and/or any other preferred modes. 

Executive Functioning and Subject Tutoring

We’re known worldwide for our work on executive functioning (check out Green Ivy founder Ana Homayoun’s three books!),  and summer is no exception! During sessions, we encourage students to develop skills around weekly planning, organization, goal-setting, and management of any summer schedule or projects. Summer sessions are a great way to plan out summer reading for comprehension and understanding or to get extra support around math and science. Executive functioning tutoring is flexible and is modified to match each student’s individual priorities. During June, July, and early August, executive functioning tutoring is offered in packages of 8 to 15 sessions.

College Admissions Counseling Services 

For nearly two decades, much of our summer months are spent helping rising high school seniors prepare for the college admissions process. Our personalized college admissions counseling services guide students through the process of college research, setting priorities, creating action plans for college applications, developing and editing personal statements, and managing the process in a way that reduces stress. We begin our work with a college counseling consult, a one-hour meeting where we review transcripts, senior year classes, test scores, activities, summer plans, and answers to our college counseling questionnaire. From there, we help students finalize an initial list of schools, and they are welcome to participate in our four-day intensive (and fun!) bootcamp and work with us through our intensive or basic college counseling programs.

Our summer programs tend to fill up quickly, so to learn more or sign up, please contact us. 

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