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The Power of Writing by Hand in the Age of Keyboards

There’s a big underlying debate in education on the importance of handwriting. Some educators feel teaching handwriting, especially cursive, is passé, a skill only to be focused on in a student’s first years of elementary school and abandoned for keyboard learning in later years. Research suggests that would be a mistake, as there seems to be … Read more

Inspiring Empathy and Resilience in Children

There is no way to keep children from experiencing some of the hurt feelings, disappointment, frustration or failure that are a part of natural life. In fact, research has repeatedly shown that doing so can actually cause harm. At the same time, there are many ways of inspiring empathy and resilience in children by supporting … Read more

The Importance of Spending Time Outdoors No Matter the Season

 Studies have shown that spending time outdoors, even just a trip to the backyard or city park, provides a range of health and psychological benefits. Spending time is the natural antidote to everyday stress – and research shows our time in nature can reduce stress and aggression and increase creativity and empathy. A key component … Read more

How Sharing Family Narratives Raises Children’s Self-Esteem

Many parents today put immense pressure to make sure that a family dinner happens every evening, and for good reason: family dinners have notable benefits, and children whose families eat together often benefit socially and emotionally. Family dinners are a great way to check in with family members (minus the smartphones) and share daily experiences. … Read more

Edtech and Student Organization: It’s Complicated

Many people assume today’s students are highly organized, given all the technological apps and gadgets at their disposal to help file, store and share documents. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. After Green Ivy founder Ana Homayoun wrote her first book, That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week, she quickIy realized the increase in one-to-one iPad and computer programs … Read more

Social Emotional Learning and College Success

With all the attention in the academic world around books like Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance and Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, more and more attention is being paid to what’s called Social Emotional Learning. Many believe incorporating its principles into school curriculums could be the key to student personal and academic … Read more