Staff Spotlight: Teresa McGrath


-What place or memory do you value most from your childhood?

The feeling of absolute joy and freedom playing outside and exploring with my friends—no helicopter parenting back in my day. 🙂

-What’s one area of knowledge or learning you wish you had more time to study?

Astrophysics: I am fascinated with the concept of space, time, and heavenly bodies—I just want to know how it all came to be and how scientists can estimate how long our universe has been around. A good friend’s husband is an astrophysicist, so I’m always asking him questions, and I recently picked up Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

-What keeps you whole?

Faith: I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from kindergarten through university (except for first and third grades)—a huge faith foundation. I believe in God, the gift of forgiveness, and gratitude.

-A genie in a lamp offers you a choice between two superpowers: flight or invisibility. Which ability do you claim, and what would you use it for?

Flight: I love to travel and have a long list of places I would like to visit. Switzerland is my favorite foreign country, at the moment (I’ve been twice), and Machu Picchu and the Canadian Rockies are at the top of my list.

-If you could travel anywhere in the world for a whole month, where would you go?

The U.K.: Lots of places to visit there over a month’s time. London is amazing, but I’d like to see more of England itself and its countryside; have to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, and there’s the history with William Wallace; and Ireland is a must, as my and my husband’s families are primarily Irish. We keep in touch with some of the cousins on his side, and it would be great to visit them in their country.


Quick Takes:

-Skill you’d like to learn:

-Dream car:
BMW 2 series convertible (wish the M2 came as a convertible)

-Cats or dogs:

-Three characteristics you value in others:
Humor, humility, trustworthiness

-Guilty pleasures:
Spa day!

-Pet peeves:
Christmas card grammar! Seriously, if I get one more Christmas card that says, “Love, The Stewart’s,” or read a sign that says, “Today’s Special’s“ or “Cocktail’s,” I might lose it—lol!

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